Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interested in Doing a Cleanse? Choose the right cleanse for you.

There are so many different cleanses to choose from weather it be by searching online or going to a health food store, it can be quite overwhelming.  Cleansing (or detoxing) can be very beneficial for most people but it is important to choose the right cleanse for you.  If you have any underlying health condition, take medication or are unsure how to start, then it is advisable to see a licensed healthcare practitioner to guide you.  In my practice, I offer digestive cleanses, liver/colon cleanses, heavy metal detoxes and much more.  For some patients, I find it beneficial to run some laboratory tests prior to recommending a detox so the best protocol can first be determined.  I have seen remarkable health benefits with cleanses however it's important to know all the information before starting to get the best results.