Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling overworked, stressed and burnt out?

Then likely your adrenal (stress) glands are exhausted. Your adrenal glands release your stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. Under mild to moderate stress, small amounts of these hormones are released, which is normal. However chronic, severe or long-term stress can cause the release of large amounts of these hormones and eventually the adrenals are overworked and shut down. Stress management like exercise, deep breathing, meditation and massage is extremely important. Eating a healthy diet and ensuring you get enough B vitamins are also helpful. These measures are often not enough and so, as a naturopathic doctor, I will prescribe supplements that contain a combination of herbs and nutrients that are formulated to directly target the adrenal glands. The result is more energy and vitality, better sleep, a greater capacity to deal with problems and less anxiety.